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To emphasize choreography as writing practice is motivated through its etymology and artistic history, as the practice of ´graphing´. Every writer is however also a reader and the bodily practices of writing and reading are entangled. The practical choreo-potential of reading has been neglected in the history of choreographic art and this choreoreading –workshop is an introduction to this dynamics between writing and reading from the perspectives of making choreographic art. 


The workshop consists of practical experiments of choreoreading and presentation + artistic example, which lay questions to be discussed further together. The workshop focuses on examining following shifts, which concern the art-making, process and the final outcome: 

What happens in practice when: 

  • choreographer shifts to choreoreader

  • choreographing shifts to choreoreading 

  • movement as mastered material shifts to a phenomenon escaping human mastery


Through experimenting and discussing together we will also ponder what kind of ‘body’ emerges through various choreo-orientations. 


Screenshot 2021-08-08 at 22.56.12.png

25.9. "BEING LEGIBLE" / Chrysa Parkinson

"I will give a talk based on dancerly questions around reading and being read.

Then I'll propose some movement scores and conversation formats aimed at addressing what it takes to handle time, place, memory and touch as artistic materials.


What skills do we need?

What boundaries?

What desires?

and what traces to leave..."

Simo_Kellokumpu (1).jpg

Simo Kellokumpu is a Finnish choreographer and researcher based in Helsinki. Simo completed a Doctorate of Arts in 2019 in the Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki based on the artistic research project Choreography as Reading Practice. Kellokumpu’s artworks examine the choreographic relations between corporeality and materiality in various scales and contexts with the entanglement of contemporary speculative fiction, interplanetary culture, and queer(ing) space. 

Sunday 26.9. "CHOREOREADING" / Simo Kellokumpu

During a weekend-long workshop we will concentrate on "the materiality of giving attention" as the expertise of performing artist. In what different kinds of ways can artistic perception become articulate, readable and transform from personal and private to public and communicative?
The workshops and lectures will be given by dancer, performer and reknown artistic thinker Chrysa Parkinson and choreographer, artist-researcher Simo Kellokumpu.
On Saturday 25th of September Chrysa Parkinson will lecture and lead a workshop on "How dancers make artistic thought legible". Chrysa will be giving the workshop live, but online. 
On Sunday 26th of September Simo Kellokumpu will give an introductory workshop on his artistic practice called "Choreo-reading"
Saturday 25.9. klo 11:00am - 3:00pm, room C4, Cable factory
Sunday 26.9. klo 1:00pm -4:00pm, room C4, Cable factory

The workshop is for professional dance- and performing artists.

The language of the course is English.

Workshop is free of charge but a binding pre-registration is mandatory.
There are only ten spots live, and ten online spots available due to the Corona-situation.

Chrysa Parkinson is a dancer living in Stockholm. She has been performing and teaching internationally since 1985. Her artistic research is focused on the performer’s experiential authorship. Chrysa’s writing, films and interviews have been published and distributed internationally. She is a Professor of Dance and the Director of the New Performative Practices MFA program at DOCH/Uniarts in Stockholm.

Read a recent blogpost on why we wanted to organize this workshop :)

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