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"Art-making deals with the configuration of compositional elements and materials that come together as forms of aesthetic or material thinking. The process of generative interplay between artist and the materials is thinking ingrained in the making. Whilst the artist employs a sensibility informed by artistic and aesthetic experiences, the materials too have agency and both tacitly and explicitly inform what the artist does, to the extent that it can be difficult to discern exactly who or what is producing a work. While involving an interplay of the sensible and the rational, artworks can be understood as articulations or concatenations of miscellaneous elements." -Leena Rouhiainen

Kaila, J. Seppä, A. Slager, H (2017) "Futures of Artistic Research. At the Intersection of Utopia, Academia and Power" p. 148

Heli Keskikallio

“Flickering feeling on Things: aistis-esteettinen maailmointi esityksen materiaalisuudessa

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Soile Voima

“Rihmastot, kohinat ja taipuvat todellisuudet” (tai A Practice of Care)

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Taru Koski

“ANDAND - Future is becoming, become, cum,

came, to be, rest, the rest (...are always more alive)”

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